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23 July 2021, ISSUE #58

Substrate’s Smart Contracts vs. Runtime Development

This article gives a brief overview of the different ways to implement smart contracts for Substrate-based blockchains.

Will WebAssembly replace JavaScript?

In this blog, we will try to find when JavaScript performs better than wasm and when wasm is better than JS.

How to work with “No Invalid Address”? Safe Access

In this blog, we are going to work in a very different way. We are not going to use the BSRR register instead of that we are going to use the Register Block to access the registers of the GPIO block.

Rust 2021 public testing period

We are happy to announce that the Rust 2021 edition is entering its public testing period. All of the planned features for the edition are now available on nightly builds along with migrations that should move your code from Rust 2018 to Rust 2021.

How to implement worker pools in Rust

Rust provides simpler to use and more elegant tools: parallel Iterators and Streams.

Smart Pointers in Rust: What, why and how?

It seems pretty obvious that smart pointers are pointers that are... smart. But what exactly does this "smart" means? When should we use them? How do they work?

Rust and the JVM

The JVM is a fantastic piece of technology. IMHO, its most significant benefit is its ability to adapt the native code to the current workload.

Host a Wasm module easily on Raspberry Pi Part 2

In this blog, I will show you how to write a host code in Rust that will make our Raspberry Pi a suitable host for wasm.

Substrate – A Blockchain Framework on Rust

Substrate is a modular framework that enables you to create purpose-built blockchains by composing custom or pre-built components.

Rust + Tauri + Svelte Tutorial

As Rust is getting more traction and more people want to learn it, I've decided to create another tutorial mainly for beginners.

Writing directly to the Register Address. Safe or Unsafe?

This blog will help you in preventing errors while working with hardware registers. This will tell you what can happen if you put Invalid Address on the register.

Using WebAssembly threads from C, C++ and Rust

In this article you will learn how to use WebAssembly threads to bring multithreaded applications written in languages like C, C++, and Rust to the web.

A Rust controller for Kubernetes

To teach myself Kubernetes in general and controllers in particular, I previously developed one in Java. This week, I decided to do the same in Rust by following the same steps I did.

Last Tuesday

What's gonna happen is you're all going to tell me what mind-blowing things you've been doing.

Rust in production at Tempus

We’ll be making time to share project updates and give lightning talks that anyone can participate in.

Buffalo Rust User Group, First Tuesdays

Join us at the Buffalo Rust Meetup User Group for casual Rust language discussion and hangout!

Software Developer, Rust
(Senior) Rust Backend Engineer (m/f/d)
(Senior) Software Engineer - Rust (m/f/d)
fretboard_layout 0.1.1

Generate an svg template of a musical instrument fretboard

sweeprs 0.1.0

GSweeprs is a minesweeper engine library built using rust

uart8250 0.1.0

This crate provide a unit struct with many methods to operate uart 8250.

mxadm 0.1.0

A simple CLI interface to basic Matrix room admin tasks

fltk-theme 0.1.2

A theming crate for fltk-rs.

Wasm Pi Host
Rust Checkers
Arcade Game In Rust Programming


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