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18 October 2019, ISSUE #12

Get the hang of Constructing a Library in Rust

Explore how to create a Library/Crate in Rust Programming and understand the difference between bin and lib module.

Making the Tokio Scheduler 10x Faster

This article pertains to the speeding up the performance of the Tokio scheduler and what are the new optimization introduced to the newer and faster scheduler.

How to Speed Up the Rust Compiler?

This blog lets you understand all the concepts that help to improve the performance of Rust Compiler.

My Favorite Rust Function (std::mem::drop)

Go deep into drop() function provided by the standard library in Rust Programming and how the Ownership concept takes place in the drop function's scenario.

Debugging Rust Code in CLion

Explore how debugging takes place in Rust with some parameters like Start Debugging, Debug with a Configuration file, Switching Debuggers and Renderers and much more.

Designing a COM Library for Rust

This blog tells you about the COM Library which allows developers to both consume and produce in-process Component Object Model (COM) components and what are the challenges faced during the implementation part.

RISC-V OS using Rust: Communications

Explore how the RISC-V Operating System helps for Communication using UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter) chipset.

Writing an OS in Rust - Updates

This blog pertains to the updates of Writing OS in Rust and gives a brief description of bootloader, UART, etc.

This Month in Rust GameDev #2 - September 2019

This article makes you clear with the progress status of Rust-Gamedev and what are the new technologies introduced into the gamedev tech-stack.

Hacktoberfest Hyderabad 2019

Hacktoberfest Hyderabad is an annual fest where all hyderabadis come to meet in-person and contribute to Free and Open Source Projects.

Hacktoberfest Bangalore 2019

Hacktoberfest Bangalore' is an annual fest where people come to meet in-person and contribute to Free and Open Source Projects.

Rust - Talks & Demos

"This talk scheduled for :- Cmdr, a library for creating interactive command-line interfaces by Mendelt Siebenga and MayaStor, writing a user space block layer in Rust with futures/async around DPDK by Jeffry Molanus."

Tech Triveni 2.0

Attend Asia's premier functional, big data, and reactive programming event of the year.

Senior Blockchain Engineer
Software Development Engineer - AWS Crypto Tools
Software Engineer (New Grad)
Senior Developer - Rust
Announcing Docker Plugin [cargo-dockerimage]
Announcing Rustup 1.20.0
Reqwest Alpha with Async/Await Released
New VxWorks Release Supports Rust
Raspicam a Library
Cargo Plugin for Docker in Rust
Operate RaspberryPi Camera with Rust
Build Docke Image for Rust
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