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29 May 2020, ISSUE #28

Some Extensive Projects Working with Rust

In this blog, you will get to know about some tremendous projects using Rust as a programming language.

Actix-Web in Docker: How to build small and secure images

Get a clear look at how to build small and secure docker images for Rust services. The stuff that I will cover is pretty basic, but if you are doing it for the first time it will save you several hours of searching on google and GitHub.

Writing Python inside your Rust code

This blog will help you to learn about a trick to make the behavior of a macro depend on whether it’s used as a statement or as part of an expression.

How to Organize your Rust Tests

In this guide, you will learn about different ways to test Rust code.

How I Organize Large Rust Programs

Explore this article to learn some ways to organize large Rust codebase.

Designing the Rust Unleash API Client

Get a brief look at side effects during otherwise pure function calls, async and sync code, performance and correctness with an API that is entirely driven by Strings everywhere, and finally the UX for users of the API.

Angular, Rust, WebAssembly, Node.js, Serverless, and... the NEW Azure Static Web Apps!

In this guide, you will learn how to take a front-end Angular app, a backend API written in Rust and compiled to Web Assembly, and deploy everything to a Serverless environment on the NEW Azure Static Web Apps service.

State of Routing in Rust

Read this article to get clarity about various microframeworks in Rust, like Actix, Gotham, Tide, and Warp, etc.

Reading temperature sensor in Rust using Raspberry Pi GPIO

Explore this article to learn about a project in which Raspberry Pi GPIO is Reading the temperature sensor in Rust.

Lean Coffee online - come chat about Rust!

"Lean Coffee" is a framework for facilitating structured, but agenda-less, gatherings. It comes from a group that wanted to meet to chat about lean techniques over coffee.

Monthly meetup

This meetup will be in the spirit of an unconference: come, bring stuff to work on, be prepared to collaborate or ask for help, to inspire or be inspired.

Why & Where Knoldus used Rust

Join this webinar to know about powers and usage of Rust in terms of organizational roles.

Rust Back End Engineer
Sr SW Engineer
Announcing fdt-rs

A Flattened Device Tree parser for embedded no-std environments.

Announcing gtfs-geojson

This Rust crate is used to convert GTFS data to the GeoJSON format.

Announcing terraria-protocol

An implementation of Terraria's multiplayer network protocol.

Announcing mofurun

A crate for experimental mall and cute string with small string optimization.

Announcing oauth-1a

A Rust implementation of OAuth 1.0a. This is intended to be completely agnostic to all application details, so you might need to do some parts yourself.

Custom Implementation of Blockchain in Rust
Prolance: Protocol Surveillance Tool In Rust
Conf Count - Conference Monitoring System in Rust


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