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13 December 2019, ISSUE #16

How to speed up the Rust compiler

Understand all the concepts that help to improve the performance of Rust Compiler.

Async Interview #2: cramertj, part 3

Explore the concept of Async Closures with the help of an example by using an iterator and how to use Streams with this concept.

Service Workers with Rust+WASM for Image Manipulation on the Edge

Learn how to integrate Service Workers with Rust and the use of Image Manipulation Library with Rust using WebAssembly.

Building a basic Command Line Calculator in Rust

This article will guide you with the process of building a command-line calculator using the powers of Rust Programming.

Designing and Implementing a Safer API on top of LoadLibrary

Explore how to implement and design a custom API by using a LoadLibrary which helps you to load a library module into the address space of the process.

How to RiiR

Explore the killer feature of Rust Programming which won't let you re-write any library.

Constant Propagation is now on by default in Nightly

Explore the new optimization technique adopted by Rust's nightly compiler in its default spectrum and the reason behind this adoption.

Taking ML to production with Rust: a 25x speedup

Learn how Rust will perform in the world of Machine Learning and will it replace Python or not.

Rust - Talks & Demos

Talk: Makepad - Creative software development in Rust

Senior Software Engineer - Security
Systems Engineer
Rust/Blockchain Developer
Announcing http v0.2
Meuse Alternate Cargo Registry 0.3.0 Released
Rust Traits - Template
Custom Implementation of Blockchain in Rust (Block/Hashing)
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