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22 January 2021, ISSUE #45

Replacing FastAPI with Rust: Part 4 - A Solution

This is about replacing FastAPI with Rust based API framework and compares efficiency.

Getting started with Rust and Redis

This blog will give you understanding to use Redis in Rust with the help of Example.

Polishing Rust

In this article, discusses the usage of Result wrapper in Detail.

How to Fetch a Web API with Rust

This blog explores how to fetch a Web API asynchronously in Rust.

Rust/WebAssembly on AWS Lambda@Edge (CloudFront)

Explore this article learn about how we can develop the Rust edge application with the help of AWS Lambda.

Scientific Computing in Rust

Get a detailed look at how to do scientific computing in rust by using scientific lib.

How To Write A REST Client In Rust

This blog post explains about usage of REST Clients in Rust with example.

OS in Rust: Running our custom kernel on an emulator: Part-5

This blog is part of a series that pertains to creating a basic Operating System using Rust Programming Language and aims to learn and understand the Operating System basics.

Last Tuesday

During the monthly Rust meetup we will discuss some mind-blowing things doing with the help of the Rust programming language.

Buffalo Rust User Group

Join us at the Buffalo Rust Meetup User Group for casual Rust language discussion and hangout!

Rust Engineer
Junior Rust Engineer
Rust Developer
Announcing completion

The Rust Crate for writing completion-based asynchronous code.

Announcing jsonrpc-types

A general purpose library of JSON-RPC types.

Announcing async-http-proxy

async-http-proxy is a lightweight asynchronous HTTP proxy client library, which can be used to connect a to a TCP port via HTTP Connect proxy.

Announcing sfs

Simple, lightweight HTTP static file server.

Announcing btree_network

This library is a minimal implementation of a network (abstract data structure) by way of a single binary tree map (BTreeMap).

Minimal Rust Kernel
Schedule The Rust Program
Define And Implement Substrate Runtime Api In Substrate Based 2D Barcode Scanner Pallet


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