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09 August 2019, ISSUE #07

Rust with NB-IoT! STM32 Blue Pill on Apache Mynewt

This article is about using Rust Programming in NB-IoT over Embedded C with Apache Mynewt and some important concepts of Rust like macros and many more.

Zero-Cost Asynchronous Programming in Rust

This blog post is about Asynchronous Programming in Rust by using futures (a library).

How to Serve Static Files with Rust

Explore how to serve static files with Rust Rocket (a web framework) in your Rust WebApplication.

Writing an OS in Rust (Second Edition)

Explore the updates on OS written in Rust. Like a few new features which were implemented such as the new OffsetPageTable type in the x86_64 crate and much more.

Minimum Safe Abstractions

This blog post tells about how to achieve Safe Abstraction in Rust Application.

Understanding Rust Through AVL Trees

Understand Rust with the help of AVL Tree's major sections like Insertion, Deletion and so on.

Python vs Rust for Neural Networks

Explore how much Rust Programming is successful for Neural Networks as compared to Python.

Hack 'N Snack

In August, we'll just have 1 scheduled yell and the remaining of the evening will be an open hack night. Bring your projects, open source issues, doc requests, etc.

Monthly Meetup

This month: We will have a talk from Collin Wallace at Qumulo: "Qumulo had a large C codebase with a bit of magic to allow for methods, interfaces, and a limited form of traits/generics.

Data Structures in Rust

A meetup for the new & interesting programming language Rust from Mozilla.

Rust Wroclaw Meetup #2

We invite everyone interested. It’s a great opportunity for all devs to exchange knowledge, share technical tips or just discuss in a good company.


It's the fourth annual RustConf! RustConf gathers Rust developers from around the world to learn and share with one another.

Lifetimes in Rust

Join the upcoming meet-up to learn the concept of Lifetimes in Rust Programming Language.

Senior Software Engineer - Layout
Rust Developer
Infrastructure Engineer
Software Engineer
Remote Lead Rust, WASM Engineer
Backend Developer - Rust
rustc: Stabilize Options for Pipelined Compilation
dead_code: Properly Inspect Fields in Struct Patterns with Type Relative Paths
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