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18 October 2021, ISSUE #64

Rust Guide: Generics Demystified Part 1

"Let’s learn everything there is to know about generics. We’ll do this by learning incrementally so that each piece of the lesson is digested before we go back for more."

Phantom Types in Rust

Phantom types are such types that are never used in runtime but help to enforce some constraints at compile time. Let's know more about it.

Multithreading in Rust

This post goes over a few ways to write multithreaded code by solving an exercism programming exercise.

Why Solidity is used to Develop Smart Contracts?

We are going to discuss about the solidity, why it used in smart contracts and how it works

Accelerometer as Puncho-o-meter | The “stm32-Discovery Board Sensor”- Part 3

This is going to be the last part of the series in which we will work with Accelerometer as Puncho-o-meter.

Error Handling in Rust – Error are a fact of life in Software.

lets see what are Errors and how we can handle them . An error is basically an unexpected behaviour or event that may lead a program to produce undesired output or terminate abruptly.

STM32F3’s Magnetometer | Use-cases & Reading Extraction (Part-1)

Hi folks, we are back again with another interesting article where we’ll understand the use-cases of Magnetometer sensor and how to extract readings of this sensor from STM32F3 discovery board.

Buffalo Rust User Group, Alternate Day

Join us at the Buffalo Rust Meetup User Group for casual Rust language discussion and hangout!

Wasm plugin for Istio

The meetup starts with a presentation and a discussion follows. After the presentation, we talk about Rust news, general questions, helping people out with their Rust projects, and feedback.

The First Rust Iran online meetup

This is the first Rust Iran meetup and it’s online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will talk about the ideas, questions & projects

Senior Rust Developer (Remote)
Pop! OS Software Engineer (Rust)
Senior Rust Developer
Software Engineer Rust
"Announcing lib0 0.1.0"

Efficient binary encoding library for Yrs

"Announcing mwbot 0.3.0-alpha.1"

A MediaWiki bot framework

"Announcing tonic-vm 0.1.1"

The Tonic Programming Language Virtual Machine.

Announcing const_internals

Internal macros for the constant crate. Not for external use!

"Announcing ya-gcp 0.6.0"

APIs for using Google Cloud Platform services

"Announcing rust_icu_uchar 1.0.3"

Native bindings to the ICU4C library from Unicode. uchar.h

Substrate Rpc To Call Runtime Api
Expose Stm32F3 Sansor'S Reading


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