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20 March 2020, ISSUE #23

Trace caller’s source location in the stable Rust

In this blog, you will get to know about a feature, through which you can track the source location of the Caller of a function.

References in Rust

In this article, we’re going to explore Rust references in detail and take a closer look at some interesting characteristics. now allows you to choose your build targets

Explore this article for a feature that allows crates to opt-out of building on all targets. If you don't need to build on all targets, you can enable this feature to reduce your build times.

Out of the Box Dynamic Dispatch

This blog will help you to understand some insiders of generics in Rust.

Traits, dynamic dispatch and upcasting

Get a clear look at the traits, dynamic dispatch and upcasting in Rust.

Re-writing the heart of our sync engine

This blog will help you to understand how the heart oldest part(Sync engine) of dropbox is re-written.

Loading Datasets from CSV into NDArray

In this blog, you will understand to dealing with real-world datasets and how to load them into an ndarray::Array.

A C# programmer examines Rust - Part 2

This article can give you an experience of examining rust from the C# programmer prospective.

Lightning Talks - Remote Event

Lightning talk time! Everyone is invited to this session so bring a project or anything related to Rust Programming Language.

Stockholm Rust Meetup

Meet a Rust enthusiasts and learn more about the latest developments of the language. Join us at Goto 10.

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Senior Backend Engineer
Announcing Rust 1.42.0
Announcing trace_caller
Add long explanation for the E0739 error code
Added error explanation for align representation hint
Corrected error explanation for Rust generator
Added error explanation for conflicting packed representaton hints
Announcing paginate
Announcing criner-cli
Announcing csaps
Announcing domus
Dialog-Box usage in Rust
Conf Count - Conference Monitoring System in Rust
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