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11 June 2021, ISSUE #55

Rust from a JavaScript perspective

In this post, I am documenting – albeit in a bit funny way – some thoughts in my journey so far in Rust land, coming from the viewpoint of a hardcore JavaScript enthusiast.

What are Smart Pointers and their Types in Rust??

In this blog, we learn about Smart Pointers in Rust and how they are different from Simple Pointers

Iterator producing iterator in Rust is really helpful.

Iterators are quite useful as they allow us to access each item of an iterable and perform various operations as well. Let us explore it more and learn about some cool methods of iterators in Rust that produce other iterators.

Optimizing Pairing-Based Cryptography: Montgomery Arithmetic in Rust

This is the first blog post in a new code-centric series about selected optimizations found in pairing-based cryptography.

Announcing Rustup 1.24.3

The rustup working group is happy to announce the release of rustup version 1.24.3. Rustup is the recommended tool to install Rust, a programming language that is empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

First impressions of Rust programming on Solana

This Blog is about a test-driving Solana. And with Solana hosting a hackathon during May, it was a good opportunity to give it a try.

My second cup of Rust

Last week, I drank my first cup of Rust. I learned concepts that are foreign in the languages I know: ownership, borrowing and lifetimes. This week I want to drink the second cup and see where it leads me.

Designing Rust bindings for REST APIs

In the course of trying to expose such a large API which changes over time, I’ve learned a few things about how to expose such REST APIs into Rust idiomatically.

Demystifying Mutability and References in Rust

All references and reference related problems follow the "un-sandwiching" rule. "Un-Sandwiching rule" is just a made up name that I created to better explain the quirks of immutable and mutable references. Don't use this name in forums!

Writing a "hello world" Riscv Kernel with Nix in Rust

The purpose of this tutorial is to showcase two main things whic are how great nix can be for speeding up embedded development, Writing a “hello world” kernel for riscv64 in Rust.

Rust in Mozilla's Data Platform

We will be looking into how Rust is used in Mozilla's data platform.

Learning Rust as a Python/Javascript developer by Juhis

In this talk, I'll talk openly about the things I struggled with and the things I fell in love with in Rust (like pattern matching)

Learn Rust Fundamentals | Rust 101

those who want to get familiar with rustlang this is one of useful workshop for you !

Rust Backend Engineer - PayDirect
Architect - Rust Library Design
Applied Cryptographer - Rust
Announcing modeling

Modeling is a tools to analysis different languages by Ctags process.

Announcing liquid-layout

A layout engine that solves UI constraints using the Z3 prover.

Announcing aluvm

Rust implementation of AluVM (arithmetic logic unit virtual machine) and assembler from Alu Assembly language into bytecode.

Announcing redis-sk

Redis-rs is a high level redis library for Rust. It provides convenient access to all Redis functionality through a very flexible but low-level API.

Announcing goose

Goose is a Rust load testing tool inspired by Locust. User behavior is defined with standard Rust code

Arcade Game In Rust Programming
VGA text mode in our kernel


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