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07 February 2020, ISSUE #20

Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust

Explore the features of Rust, through which the Discord is switching from Go to Rust.

Export Rust functions to Java using JNI (WebAssembly comparison)

In this blog, you will look at the integration of Rust WebAssembly and JavaFX using the Java Native Interface (JNI).


Get a clear look at the motivation, requirements, and design for Web Socket and Server-Sent Events support in Tide.

Writing AWS Lambda Functions with Bastion

Learn how AWS Lambda Functions can be implemented using Bastion. AWS Lambda functions are well known serverless platform used for tasks varying from infrastructure management, serving APIs, data processing to orchestration tasks.

Measuring space-time behaviours of piano keys with Rust

Explore this article to understand the space-time behaviors of piano keys with Rust.

A New Network Stack For Zcash

Learn about a New Network Stack For a fork of Bitcoin(Zcash).

Bitfields Forever: Why we need a C-compatible Rust Crate

Understand the internals of Bitfields and its needs in Rust crates.

A stack-less Rust coroutine library under 100 LoC

Explore this article to understand the implementation of a stack-less coroutine library under 100 LoC.

Build your own block_on()

Learn how to implement your own block_on() as we use from the futures crate.

From cargo to kubernetes and back-up - February Meetup

Join Stefan, he will talk about how to deploy a rust project to Kubernetes, how to backup persistent storage and how to collect metrics.

Mothly meetup in Redmond (NEW DATE!)

Join us for a a talk on creating, a hosted multi-tenant load balancer platform written in Rust.

Rust Hack and Learn

Let's meet for open hacking and (co)-learning in our bi-weekly learning group!

Windows App Developer
Rust Developer
Announcing Rust 1.41.0
Announcing studentvue
Announcing yeah
Announcing nebula_email
Announcing spool
Announcing radiate_web
Dialog-Box usage in Rust
Conf Count - Conference Monitoring System in Rust
Organizing an event or Meet-up? Promote it with Rust times.


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