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30 April 2021, ISSUE #52

BABE – Consensus Algorithm and How to Implement it

This blog is about the Babe Block authoring protocol similar to Aura, however, authorities win slots based on a verifiable random function (VRF).

What is Embedded System? Why RUST for Embedded ??

Learn more about Embedded Systems and why Rust is chosen for it.

Rust programming language: We want to take it into the mainstream, says Facebook

Facebook has joined the Rust Foundation, the organization driving the Rust programming language, alongside Amazon Web Services, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

Announcing Rustup 1.24.0

The rustup working group is happy to announce the release of rustup version 1.24.0. Rustup is the recommended tool to install Rust.

How to Build a Custom Test Harness in Rust

Rust’s testing ecosystem in the 2018 edition is great for unit testing. But for integration testing it still has room for improvement. Custom harnesses will become more necessary as Rust gains new developers.

Move Constructors in Rust:Is it possible?

In this article, we get to know how rust has become the best contender for a C++ replacement.

Basedrop: a garbage collector for real-time audio in rust

Basedrop provides smart pointers analogous to Box and Arc which mark their contents for deferred collection on another thread rather than immediately freeing it, making them safe to drop on a real-time thread.

The Pains of Path Parsing

The challenges you can face while path parsing and generation in web applications.

Rust Notebooks with Evcxr

Read why code notebooks are better than the shell, and an interview with David Lattimore, the creator of the Rust Jupyter kernel.

Running GraphQL on Lambda with Rust

A super simple example GraphQL API that can be hosted on AWS Lambda using Rust programming language.

Zellij: a Rusty terminal workspace releases a beta

Zellij is a terminal workspace and multiplexer written in Rust, aiming to become a general purpose application development platform in the future.

What's in the box?

In this post, u will get in-depth knowledge about Box pointer.

Runtime Alias Detection

bitvec exists to translate user-code expressions directly into memory-access and shift/mask instructions. However, it is itself a Rust library.

Cloud Native Rust Day

Come explore what makes Rust a fantastic choice for new cloud native development, and learn about how the community uses Rust today.

Rust Dublin May Remote Meetup

Jakub Pastuszek will talk about connecting Rust to databases with ODBC: Crate ecosystem with focus on odbc-iter

Buffalo Rust User Group

Buffalo Rust Meetup User Group for casual Rust language discussion and hangout!

Rust developer/promoter
Rust Engineer
Blockchain Developer - Consensus
Announcing cargo-rr

A light wrapper around rr, the time-travelling debugger it will record an execution trace, and that gives magical new powers to gdb.

Announcing warlock

Warlock provides some collections typically provided by std which are optimized for use alongside an arena allocator.

Announcing giftwrap

Wrap and unwrap your types the stylish way with derive macros for From/TryFrom in both directions.

Announcing popoplot

A tool to visualize real time numerical data as a line chart.

Announcing multipart-stream

A multipart stream is a sequence of parts in one HTTP response, each part having its own headers and body. A stream might last forever, serving parts that didn't exist at the start of the request.

VGA text mode in our kernel
Minimal Rust Kernel
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