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17 September 2021, ISSUE #62

Knoldus joins leading industry partners as a Silver member of the Rust Foundation

Today we’re excited to share that Knoldus is joining leading industry partners as a Silver member of the Rust Foundation, a new independent organization established to steward the Rust programming language and ecosystem and support Rust’s maintainers.

Test Cases in Rust are simple to write

Rust solves problems that C/C++ has been struggling with for a long time, such as memory errors and building concurrent programs. Due to the borrow checker, Rust can prevent data races at compile-time.

How to Tackle Error in Rust Programming

An Error is basically an unexpected behaviour that may lead a program to produce undesired output or terminate abruptly. In Rust, errors can be classified into two major categories.

IRON, Framework on which you can rely while working on RUST

Rust’s Iron framework is a high level web framework which is built in and built for Rust. Iron avoids the bottlenecks encountered in highly concurrent code by avoiding shared writes and locking in the core framework.

Announcing Rust 1.55.0

The Rust team is happy to announce a new version of Rust, 1.55.0. Rust is a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

Why Rust for offensive security

While the Rust Book does a great job explaining What is Rust, Black Hat Rust is about Why and How to Rust. Actually, clean Rust code looks very similar to TypeScript while empowering the developers a thousand times more.

Rustacean Principles

Rust is a language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. The Rustacean Principles were suggested by Shane during a discussion about how we can grow the Rust organization while keeping it true to itself.

Rust programs written entirely in Rust

mustang is a system for writing Rust programs entirely in Rust, meaning they don't use libc, crt1.o, or any C code.

Combining Rust and C++ code in your Bela project

This post will go through setting up the toolchain to compile a Rust library for the Beaglebone Black, how to write your Rust library so that it can interface with the C++ code.

Plugins in Rust: Getting Started

Plugins in Rust! Here I will try to actually write some simple code of what a PDK (Plugin Development Kit) might look like, and also do some research about questions that arise while doing so.

Last Tuesday

What's gonna happen is you're all going to tell me what mind-blowing things you've been doing.

Senior Embedded Rust Software Engineer
Staff Backend Rust Engineer
Senior Rust Developer
Announcing gostd

gostd is the go standard library implementation in rust.

Announcing darksteel

A high level task runtime that allows for increased observability and reliability through supervision.

Announcing net-serial-console

A serial console server and web client in Rust

Announcing openssh-mux-client

Data format used to communicate with openssh mux server.

Announcing cupola

A high performance asynchronous programming runtime for Rust.

Expose Stm32F3 Sansor'S Reading
Substrate Rpc To Call Runtime Api


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